We don’t have time to manage our time!!!!  How absurd, yet so true. Take 10 min a day and have a more structured, effective and focused day.

I have taken my executive clients through the following exercises and we achieved really good and focused results. So I thought that sharing this with you could add some time to your life. You will have to invite some discipline in order to achieve the results, but only 10 min.

5 steps to a focused day:

  1. Allocate 10 uninterrupted minutes in your day.  Ideally at the end or the beginning of a day. (No TV, no phone, no interruptions)
  2. Write down the 6 top things that will have a serious impact if they did not happen (only 6)
  3. Prioritise these 6 items according to the impact it will have if it does not happen (highest impact 1st)
  4. Measure or check anything new in your day against these 6 items and ask the following:
    am I the only person that can do this?
    who else can do this?
    impact if it is not done today?
    why now?
  5. Review what you have achieved

I would like you to practice this for 5 days and let me now what happened in your life.