An Bakkes – General Profile

Master Coach, Facilitator & Agile Coach

BCom (Sports Management), BA Hons (Psychology), Diploma in Coaching (USB), MPhil (Management Coaching)
An is a pilgrim of life that spends her time engaging with her passions. These passions include coaching, interactive workshops, facilitation and conversations that shape people, organisations and the world.
An’s journey includes executive and senior management roles as well as managing mergers and acquisitions. An brings versatility and insight that stretches across disciplines, knowledge domains and different industries.
An does what she calls “Portfolio Living”.

Facilitation and training

One Portfolio is being an associate of Symphonia Leadership Development and within this An is an accredited Flawless Consulting Facilitator (one of 40 in the world) as well as the designer and the facilitator of the Embracing Anxiety course that focuses on navigating uncertainty, complexity and building resilience in the workplace. The Western Cape Government has bought this product (Embracing Anxiety) as part of their Leadership development programme. An has significant international facilitation experience and has co-created workshops around various topics, industries and countries.

Agile coaching and team transformation

Another Portfolio is facilitating change enablement with the focus on IT Systems Implementation and the adoption of Agile into teams and organisations. Due to her senior and executive leadership roles in IT, An is especially equipped to facilitate Agile transformations in IT teams and divisions as well as on Enterprise level. An does her agile coaching in association with Just Plain Agile. Part of her specialisation is team dynamics and taking them from their current way of being to the agreed and desired future state of being.

Leading small to medium enterprises

A third Portfolio is business coaching and facilitating small to medium size organisations into the next stage of their company’s development and growth. She offers a fresh look at unique and complex challenges for individuals and teams in various areas and disciplines. An’s strengths in leading people and organisations through restructure and transformation contributes to her skills.

Life coaching

The last portfolio is focusing on an approach that invites people to discover their courage in stressful and demanding situations through collaboration and co-creation and increased awareness. Being a cancer victor for the second time, An has intimate knowledge of anxiety within various levels of life and the workplace and has designed a model that focuses on embracing our anxiety and turning it into success.