Business coaching

Business unusual

We always use the term BAU or also known as ‘Business as Usual’, and yet, I have found that there is very little “usual” about the business of business. In this area of coaching we focus on the things that we need in order to navigate a complex business environment where uncertainty is a part of everyday life and where resilience is a key leadership requirement. Potential areas of focus are:

• Promotion without the required support
• Leadership coaching
• Executive coaching
• Team coaching
• Succession coaching

Business interrupted

In my journey with Businesses I am observing a lot of business interruptions such as re-structures, retrenchments, mergers & Business Acquisitions, yet the need and expectation is that people continue performing. In situations like these we focus on:

• How I lead myself through uncertainty as well as my colleagues/staff?
• What tools are required to stay productive during these business interruptions?
• What tools are required to lead teams through these interruptions?
• What is the real priority and focus during this time?

Transition coaching

The first three months in a new role are the toughest, and the time where you need all the confidence you have in order to learn and perform at the same time. In transition coaching we focus on the first 3 months of a new role and how to get the person up to speed as quickly as possible whilst staying productive.

We are often faced in business with people that need to transition from one role, area and or level to another. It is a place that expects us to apply our current skills in a different way and learn new skills that are required for the new place we find ourselves in and keep on performing!!! Sometimes the best person in their function or role is promoted without the required tools but with all the potential. We are looking at areas like where the best software developer becomes the team lead or the development manager and new skills are required. Other examples are where the best bookkeeper, call centre agent, analyst, project manager (etc.) is promoted to the next level of leading without the tools to do so and then the learning curve is very steep and the strongest candidates’ confidence takes a knock.

Another area of transition coaching is the exit coaching once people have decided to retire. We take the last 6 months before the person retires and discover how the world post-working full time at the same company looks.