Next workshop: 9 October 2015

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What is coaching? Coaching with An is an equal relationship that focuses on discovering more of an already whole human being. The focus of the coaching is on the present and on the future, where required we will borrow from the past, yet it is not the focus. The client sets coaching goals and together we go on the journey of discovery, increased performance and productivity, growth and healing where appropriate. The areas that the coaching is focused on are: Life coaching, Business coaching and transforming of organisations of all sizes.

Here we focus on who we want to be.
How to go from a current state of being to a different future state of being. We apply what life has taught us and look ahead with hope. We look at ‘The Twists of live’, ‘Live interrupted” and ‘Life on its head’

The world of work is at its best an interesting
diverse place where we grow, learn and lead.
We focus on ‘Business Unusual’, ‘Business Interrupted’, ‘Transition Coaching’ and ‘New Business’

In transformation coaching we focus on Agile &
Team coaching where with my Partners we form, norm,
storm and enable teams to perform at their best.